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We do agree with this phrase because we had experienced this in our journey of Stock Market On line Trading.

2 years back I was trading like amateur means, I was following indicators to get Buy and Sell single so that i could make some money, which actually did worked for a while.

Initially for a week I made money and thought "WOW!!, I am made for trading and without learning I can make money in market."

Sounds familiar??

But here is the thing, On 6th day I made loss in the trade and all my profit along with capital wiped out.

This is what happens in Trading.

Now you will say that trading is gambling because same thing happens in Gambling also.

Yes, you are right my friend Trading is gambling for those who will treat trading as gambling.

Stock market is most egoist thing you will ever find, if you will treat stock market as gambling it will give you losses like gambling, if you will treat stock market as business you will make money.

One more thing, people who try to fight with stock market they will end up loosing all their capital within in a minute.

Stock Market is driven by some big players like FPI's and FDI's and what we have to do is to sit on their shoulder and they themselves will make money for us. But the catch is "How to find the direction of these big players.

Eventually, You must go with stock market if you want to make money otherwise even god will not help you.

To learn all these lessons it took me almost 3 years and around 3-4 Lakhs Rupee (Which I lost in stock market while fighting against it).

But eventually I learnt lesson and start understanding stock market and became successful trader.

Reason Why We Are Here

To share our hard earned knowledge with innocent retail traders and we could do that in free which we tried also but people don't take seriously if you will give something in free.

When i started WOW TRADERS CLUB, we used to take free webinars. After announcement Hundreds of people enroll their name but only few of them really join that webinar and that's where i started charging people for training.

Now paid members never miss even one class.

Bitter but Truth