Details of 3 Months - Club Course

Advanced trader course details
Intraday trading online course details
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Advanced Intraday Trading Online Course

  1. Basics of Intraday Trading & Advanced Intraday Trading
  2. Terminologies understanding during online course.
  3. Placing different types of Intraday Trading order and their significance.
  4. Short selling concept in details.
  5. Calls for whole week.

2nd Week

  1. [X Candle] © and [Reverse X] ©Candle Strategy (WOW TRADERS CLUB Copyrighted)
  2. Calculated risk quantity selection
  3. Calculated risk StopLoss selection
  4. Making Watchlist before market opening.
  5. Calls for whole week.

3rd Week-6th Week

  1. Doubt sessions for all Twice a week to make your skills sharp.
  2. Doubt sessions – You can drop your doubts related to your subsequent trade and that will be discussed live on charts during session.
  3. During these weeks you will be asked to select your own stock and trade on your watchlist, which will make you independent trader.  

7th Week-12th Week

  1. How to maximize profit.
  2. How to identify market condition.
  3. How to overcome Panic and Greedy situations.
  4. How to become emotionally stable so that you could follow rules and disciplines.