If you are beginner it will be easier for us to train you.
Intraday trading is all about rules.

! Any Body Can Make Money From Stock Market !

  • Yes you read it right because stock didn't ask for your degree, standard, caste, gender.
  • If you're 18+ having Mobile and Internet connection that's more than enough to make money in stock market.
  • If you are beginner in stock market we are here to teach you from scratch.

Nowhere you will be paid day to day basis, only intraday trading will give you money on daily basis

! Get Your Earning Within Same Day !

  • Within same day because Intra Day trading means buy and sell within a day.
  • What we need is your 30-45 Mins daily in morning.
  • With the help of our Price - Volume Strategy earn money consistently on daily basis

For beginner we take extra 2 classes so that they can cope up with other members.

Beginner? Don't Worry We Will Give Extra 2 Classes To You

  • I know it's bit complicated to understand trading when you're beginner.
  • But don't worry we are here for you and you will extra classes just for basics of stock market in which we will cover every essential point for Trading.

Courses Features

Traders Group Chat

Every Paid members will get added to traders group where you can learn and find out many lessons shared by other traders which will help you to avoid mistakes in live market.

-Because trading needs continuous improvement 

24/7 Support

As we promised we will be there for you 24x7. Only single firm which will also provide you during market support in case you got stuck somewhere and couldn't figure out what to do next.

-Because we are from you and your money is our responsibility

Doubt Session - Twice a Week

Just to make sure that you won't face loss because of some confusion in strategy we are taking doubt session Twice in a Week. In which we will clear each and every doubts from every single client.

-Because you're paying to us, so it's our responsibility to make you understand.

Pre-Opening Watch List

During our training we will give you daily watch list to trade on, which will lessen your work and you can trade even if you're in 9-5 job.

-Because we want you to make side income for your daily expenses.

Discussion of Each Trades

During doubt session we will discuss each and every trade on live charts, which makes you understand that if you made loss in trade at which point you made that mistake.

-Because failure is the best teacher.

Attend Session Anywhere

We understand that going to some place twice a week is difficult for some professional and student because they have some thing to do which can't be avoided. That's why we will give you all training live on webinar which will give you flexibility to attend session anywhere anytime.

What we have for beginners

We provide all supports to our clients who even don't know ABCD of trading

  1. Help in Opening Demat Account
  2. How to place orders
  3. How Stock market works
  4. What are the features provided by brokers
  5. Method of making profit in stock market
  6. Candle Stick Pattern along with Price action chart.

We don't leave our failed student behind because in order to achieve something big failure is compulsory. how to invest in stocks stock market stock trading.