Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions FAQ related to Intraday trading and stock market.

What is Intraday/Day Trading means?

Intraday Trading means when you Buy-Sell or vice versa a stock within a day during 1 trading session then it is known as Intraday Trading.

You can get profit within a day in your demat account without waiting for long period of time. Intraday trading can give you huge profit in very short period of time but it is risky also if you don't know how it works.

Can we make money in Intraday trading?

Yes, Definitely you can make money with Intraday trading but only when you have proper knowledge of Intraday trading.

If you will start gambling in stock market without any knowledge you will end up loosing all your money, so without proper knowledge avoid doing Intraday trading.

Is it safe to do Intraday Trading?

I will not say that it is 100% safe to do Intraday trading for everyone, because in order to do 100% safe Intraday trading you must follow rules and disciplines without questioning them.

We teach our students how to manage your risk and make Intraday trading a consistence source of income because Intraday Trading is all about managing your risk and maximizing your profits.

How can i success in Intraday Trading?

Intraday trading requires lots of experience and trading skills. You need to analyse behavior of stock in order to make money from it.

After analysis you have to find out your edge and drawbacks which will help you in maximizing the profit and minimizing the loss. You can do these things by your own and nothing can stop you but it will take lots of time to acheive that.

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If you are beginner then it more comfortable for me to make you learn our intraday trading strategies, because when i will teach you you will listen to me and my rule and during trading you will follow that rules also. But people with some experience face some difficulties to follow rule blindly, they will try to improvise rule and strategy by their own and ultimately will end up loosing money.

Hence if you know nothing about stock market that will be better for me.