Privacy Policy

  •  This privacy policy has been compiled to better serve those who are concerned with how their Personal data is being used online. Data Protection refers to the set of privacy laws, policies and procedures that aim to minimize intrusion into one's privacy caused by the collection, storage and dissemination of personal data. 
  • We collect Name, Email ID, Mobile no. and some expectation from our visitors to keep them updated of our new subscription and announcement along with advertisements.
  • We ensure that not a single details of our visitors information will be leaked in any circumstances.
  • We scan our website on regular basis to find out security holes and rectify them.

Terms and Conditions

Term and Condition, Refund Policy, FAQ

All contents strictly for educational purpose

Company doesn't provide any kind of tips or advisory to our customer, all contents are for educational and training purpose. All tips and calls are just to prove that our strategies are working and we know what we are doing.

Payment - Non Refundable

Payment made to company is non refundable in any case, kindly proceed for payment only when you are ready to join.

All right reserved to WOW-TRADERS

All contents, strategies, profit screenshot are copyright of Wow-Traders. Anyone found using these things will face us legally.

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